Sneak peek of an amazing shoot for a li’l project the VHX team is working on. Follow us on instagram for more.

Big shout outs to Erica, PaulKK, and the whole cast for making this happen.

Saturday was a lot of fun. Check back in a couple weeks for the end result.



It should be easy to sell your work, anywhere on the web. Now you can embed VHX on any website and make purchasing your film (or any kind of video) easier than ever. 

Try it out on Indie Game: The Movie by clicking a Watch Now button. It’s a quick path to conversion that’s secure, easy, and looks all kinds of good.

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We’re quite proud of this little upgrade. Send us an email or tweet (@vhxtv) if you have questions or feedback.



Make It Deluxe On Day One

Grabbing (and keeping) your audience’s attention is hard. Make sure fans get the most out of your movie on the first visit to your site by releasing standard and deluxe editions simultaneously. Here’s why:

  • VHX customers will pay more when there’s more to buy: When deluxe and standard editions are released together, 80% of those titles sell more deluxe editions than standard editions. On average, 60% of total sales among this group come from deluxe packages.

  • You can’t count on return visits to your site: When VHX titles release deluxe editions after standard editions, only 5% of total sales come from deluxe editions.

  • Fans care more about content than price: Our data shows no significant correlation between price and sales within the $5 and $20 price range. So offer more content, maximize profits, and make it deluxe!


Kirby Ferguson, mastermind behind EVERYTHING IS A REMIX, just debuted another fascinating and fully independent video series, THIS IS NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY

“What we are now realizing is that we are guided, constrained and even controlled by the systems we have made… [They] have no ideology, they have no ambition, they are not greedy, they are not good, and they are not evil. They are simply not like us.” 

Watch the first installment on YouTube for zero cents, then head to thisisnotaconspiracytheory.com to subscribe to all upcoming episodes, DRM- and conspiracy-free.  




January on Planet VHX



At extreme distances from the starting point, a glitch in the video game Minecraft causes the landscape to fracture into illogical patterns. Simon Parkin looks at one man’s journey to reach the end of the game’s universe: http://nyr.kr/M0A1Gf


Love Dav



We’ve said it before: the hardest part about selling your movie online isn’t convincing people to pay for it, it’s getting people to know it exists. What’s the trick? Make it ubiquitous.

Our stats have shown that offering your video on multiple platforms, including your own website, leads to…





This is all I did for new years. Thanks, Bryan!



Motion capture shots from the original Mortal Kombat video game.

– EH


It’s on autopilot



“Cancel my day. Cancel my week! I’m going to Palm Springs." - Steve Spielberg in 1976, after not receiving a nomination for Best Director. 

Before video cameras were everywhere, some ragtag videographers called Top Value Television (TVTV) were shining a spotlight on backdoors of American culture the public had never seen before. It was a brand new form of satirical television, both real and surreal, and they were inventing the rules while the cameras rolled.

Now, for the first time, an awesome collection from the TVTV catalog is available to stream or download through VHX. You can also watch the classic episode, LORD OF THE UNIVERSE, for free, this instant. Go get it! You’ll never feel more like you’re unearthing forgotten, recorded gold.   


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