Today, the Emmys have officially announced this year’s nominations. Star Wars Uncut has been nominated for an Emmy!

The real stars are the fans and contributors to Star Wars Uncut. Without them this project would be nothing.

Thanks to Annelise Pruitt. She wrote and directed the Emmy video, designed the new website, and managed all the pieces to make it where SWU is today.

And thanks to Jamie Wilkinson and Chad Pugh for their support and contributions.

This is seriously a huge honor and am completely dumbfounded how far this project has gone. What’s even more incredible is that this same day last year was when I first released Star Wars Uncut. Happy Anniversary!

Hai, I'm Casey. I'm a creative technolgist.

I co-founded VHX.

I created Star Wars Uncut. In 2010 we won an Emmy.

In the past I helped make Boxee and Vimeo.

me at caseypugh dot com

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